The white teeth you always dreamt of.

Having white teeth is, without doubt, everyone’s dream. However, there are diverse factors, internal and external, that can alter the colour of your smile over time, namely health problems, medication, tobacco, and what you eat and drink like tea, coffee, wine...

To correct these issues, Medidental provides its patients with two different methods in terms of dental whitening, with the respective dentist indicating the one most recommended for each case.

On the one hand, laser dental whitening, performed in the consulting room, is normally carried out in various stages, obtaining an immediate result right after the first session.

On the other, the patient also can do the dental whitening at home, using a personalised impression tray for the purpose (built in the laboratory according to the moulds taken previously of the teeth of each patient) in which a whitening gel is introduced.

With Medidental you can get uniformly bright, white teeth in little time. Using laser or with impression trays, our dental whitening solutions are long-lasting and 100% effective.

Ask our team about all the possibilities we have for you, namely prices and packs.