Root Canal Treatment

Medidental provides the speciality of endodontics for its patients. This is an area of medicine that, when some types of pathology are detected, can conserve one’s natural teeth through the process of devitalization.

This treatment consists in the removal of the dental pulp affected (tissue which contains the nerve and the blood vessels of the tooth), the disinfection of the canal(s) and their subsequent filling with material that keeps the tooth hermetically sealed. 

Teeth are devitalised when the dental pulp is exposed or compromised due to profound tooth decay, breakage, traumatisms, accentuated erosion or irreversible hypersensitivity.  

You should pay attention to the various symptoms mentioned. Nook an appointment now with our specialists in endodontics and avoid the unnecessary extraction of teeth.

With our team of highly qualified professionals with proven experience in the area of endodontics, you can keep your original smile. You can trust in our leadership.

Most frequent causes of the devitalization of teeth:

  • Traumatisms

  • Discomfort on touch
  • Accentuated erosion

  • Problems with chewing
  • Breakage or severe tooth decay
  • Prolonged sensitivity to cold and heat

  • Frequent presence of abscesses and fistulas