Paediatric dentistry, also known as paediatric dental care, is a speciality that diagnoses, treats and fosters oral health of children and adolescents.

With regular visits to the dentist, determined dental problems can be corrected (aesthetic and diseases), present and future, through innovative treatments suited to every age and specific situation.

In this consultation, our professionals teach children and also their parents how to perform correct oral hygiene, which includes brushing the teeth and using fluoride and dental floss.

By instilling these habits from childhood, it will certainly help to reduce pathologies like tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontitis (which often result in the extraction of teeth) and also so phonetic and masticatory functions can be normalised.

We should mention that the specialists in paediatric dentistry in our clinic have specific training for dealing with children, always striving to give them a pleasant, convenient and fun experience and to avoid the traumas frequently associated to going to the dentist. Consult our prices and packs.