Periodontology is the branch of dental medicine aimed at preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases related with the periodontium, which comprises the gum, the underlying bone and periodontal ligament (forming the relationship between the tooth and the bone).

In this regard, the most frequent problems are:

Gingivitis: this pathology is mostly due to the accumulation of bacteria on the teeth, causing inflammation and bleeding of the adjacent gum. After diagnosis, the treatment involves the removal of the bacterial plaque and of the tartar (also called dental calculation or “stone”) in the zone around the gum. 

Periodontitis: if it is not detected in time, gingivitis may lead to periodontitis, which involves tissues besides the gum, causing loss of insertion, or rather, loss of the tissues that support the tooth, like the gum, ligament and bone. Normally, this problem results in the removal of the tooth.

Pay attention to all the warning signs. To prevent this type of pathology and guarantee the good health of your buccal cavity, be sure to perform your oral hygiene on a daily basis and consult your dentist as regularly as s/he recommends.

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