Medidental is a dental clinic which also specialises in prosthodontics, or the placement of dental prostheses, fixed or removable, tailored to each patient’s needs.

These solutions – also known as dentures or false teeth – are the ideal answer for anyone who wants to quickly, effectively and economically have a full set of teeth again (implants are more expensive and the treatment takes longer).

Don’t neglect your oral health, as the loss of teeth, besides obvious aesthetic problems, can cause a variety of imbalances, namely with regard to the opening and closing of the mouth, gums, chewing, digestion and the bone structure of the face itself. 

Book a prosthodontics consultation in Medidental now. We have countless successful clinical cases and at very competitive prices.

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Types of dental prostheses

Acrylic dental prostheses

Acrylic prostheses are the cheapest removable solutions on the market and may be total or partial according to the number of teeth to be replaced. 

These dentures are ideal for those who have few teeth, or none, and want to quickly and economically have a full and beautiful smile again.

Normally, these prostheses, considered the most fragile, are pink so as to imitate the colour of the gum and more voluminous than skeletal prostheses, principally in the upper jaw.

However, acrylic prostheses cannot be looked on as a definitive answer, as they lose their properties over time and may even compromise mastication, speech and all the aesthetics of the mouth.

Skeletal prostheses (or clip-on prostheses)

Skeletal dental prostheses (or clip-on prostheses) are partial solutions, as they always need to have healthy gums and some natural teeth or implants for them to be secured with hooks (clamps).

In practical terms, this prosthesis comprises artificial teeth made in acrylic (ceramic ones are more expensive), set in a very thin metallic structure, supported by the existing teeth.

Besides being an aesthetically more elegant solution than an acrylic prosthesis (it is not as bulky), a skeletal dental prosthesis also has the advantage of not covering the palate and not breaking so easily.

Flexible dental prostheses (semi-rigid or flexite)

Flexible dental prostheses (also known as flexite prostheses or semi-rigid prostheses), partial or total, are the most expensive removable solution on the market, but also the one that has most advantages.

Besides being the most resistant and comfortable solution (as it is hypoallergenic, it adapts better and causes less pain) and helps to improve chewing and phonetics, this dental plate also guarantees a more natural effect, as it is translucent, very thin, light and does not have metallic hooks o secure it.

These removable flexible prostheses may be made in silicone, nylon or high-impact polyamide and are especially indicated for: seniors, people who do not tolerate other types of plate and for those who are waiting for the application of implants and do not want to be missing the teeth in question until then.

Combined dental prostheses

Combined dental prostheses are a solution that combines flexite resin with the metallic structure without the need to use hooks for securing the denture. In practice, this type of dental plate is removable, but is associated to a fixed, natural or porcelain tooth, which is prepared to receive the prosthesis.

Implant supported fixed complete prosthesis

An implant supported fixed total prosthesis consists in a plate of 12/14 artificial teeth installed on titanium implants, which provides suitable conditions of retention and fixation.

This prosthesis is considered to be the safest and most perfect aesthetic solution on the market, seeing that the prosthesis is screwed onto the implants themselves.

Implant supported removable complete prosthesis

An implant supported removable complete prosthesis is an acrylic plate of 12/14 teeth placed on two titanium implants.

This denture has a capsule on the internal part, where a “button” is set on the dental implant. This is a solution with an excellent result both in terms of comfort and aesthetics.