Discover Lisbon by land, sea and air

Lisbon is a geographically temperamental city, known for its steep slopes and for its traditional limestone and basalt paving stones, which can be slippery both in summer and in the winter.

However, there are countless ways you can discover the capital and its surroundings, like Sintra, either by yourself, on an excursion or guided tour.

If you want to feel the genuine pulse of the city and its people, forget the conventional travel guide itineraries and allow yourself the freedom of just losing yourself, on foot or by bicycle, in the side streets of the Baixa and the typical and charismatic neighbourhoods like Alfama, Madragoa, Graça, Castelo, Mouraria and Bairro Alto.

On the other hand, for those who prefer classic sightseeing tours to the main tourist hotspots, you can consider going by motorbike, sidecar, car, metro, train, tuk tuk, buses, sightseeing buses, amphibious transport (bus/boat), buggies or more efficient and economic electrical solutions.

In turn, to get a more overall notion of Lisbon or a more radical view of the city, you can consider seeing it from above, either by cable car, or in one of the cities lifts (Santa Justa, Glória, Bica and Lavra), by hang-glider or even helicopter.

But, there are still even more transport options. From a very different angle, you can view the city from the Tagus. On a boat – which may be a yacht, rowing boat, ferry, cacilheiro*, cruise ship, speedboat or sailboat – enjoy the city’s reflection in the river. A clearly unforgettable living tableau.

* A cacilheiro is a boat that transports passengers from Cacilhas, in Almada (city on the other side of the river), to Lisbon.

Note: If you want, Medidental can organise, according to the type of experience you want, your whole stay in terms of transports, both inside or outside of the city.